NOVELTY! Our represented Schönenberger, has acquired the important manufacturer of knives for printing Paperknife CERATIZIT.

Those Spanish customers using CERATIZIT can use from now on our products now represented by SCHONENBERGER.
Distributos and customers of CERATIZIT, please contact to ESTEIRE and we will be please to assist you

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Esteire, s.l. has been present in the Spanish graphic, printing and booking markets for over 15 years

Excellent quality and performance of our knives, at very competitive prices. Whether in hard metal, such as steel, HSS or other qualities.
We supply 100% leading companies in the graphic, printing and booking sectors in Spain.
We have implemented improvements in bookbinding Spanish companies, introducing the WIDIA type Milling Cutters in KOLBUS, Müller - Martini or HEIDELBERG bookbinding machines.
Slitters, plain knives, slotters, etc. for the world of cardboard. Very competitive prices. Both in HSS and carbide.
Circular knives for any application and in any material, good value and delivery.
We work with resharpening centers in order to comlete our service
Free budget and cost estimation without commitments
All knives, crosscutting knives, etc. for MBO, STHAL, BREMMER, SHOEI, and other marks!!
In stock most consumed carbide booking knives, for immediate delivery.
Guillotines, trimmer (3 and 6 knives machines), folding machines, we know all types and models!
We improve quality, reduce costs with our knives, improving productivity.
Are you looking for recycling plastic milling knives? ESTEIRE, S.L. can supply the most known models. Our represented KAMADUR is a very important company in the word for these type of knives.
We supply knives according your drawing and specifications!!
SCHÖNENBERGER tungsten carbide knives are use in most important Spanish customers. .
We represent the best companies and brands in the graphic, printing and booking industry.

ESTEIRE, S.L. is the Spanish partner in Spain of:

schonenberger widia


Schonenberger-Widia is a German company famous worldwide for its hard metal printing and booking knives, for all sectors: very strong carbide blades for cutting plastic, printing, binding paper, metal. It is the official supplier to companies such as Müller-Martini, RIMA, ROTASCHNEIDER, Gämmeler, among others.



Dutch company, which manufactures and supplies all types of blades; from guillotines, trimmerknives (3 and 6 knives), paper mills, all types of knives according drawing, cardboard, and specializes in excellent quality, price and short delivery or immediately in recycling milling cutter and knives.

For more information, see our presentations on Slideshare (Spanish only!)