Esteire, S.L. is the Spanish provider of MORRIS TOOLING re. We have customers such as GKN Dirveline, HUAYI COMPRESSORS, BOSCH Sistemas de Frenado, BRAMMER, among others.

Below you may find a brief presentation of the different products. At the end of the page you can download various catalogs (there is one tool “neutral line”, which are very cheap). Before a brief presentation of the different products

we represent:

CNC Tool Holders


Hi-Power Milling Chucks


Shrink Fit Machines & Shrink Fit Chucks


Tool Holders - Drilling . Tapping . Reaming

Boring Tools


To download MORRIS TOOLING catalogs, please get in touch.

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We have an agreement in place with BASE METALÚRGICA, by which we commercialize some products manufactured by our partner, and vice versa. Offer at least one line of Tool Holders with a great value. Click on the logo to download it. THANKS.

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