New Tool System patented to perform broaching and allotting on CNC Lathes, Machining Centre and Milling Machines. Equipped with symmetrical adjustment. Also ideal for traditional slotting machines.

There is an operation in the metalworking industry that can be a real headache for the production: Broaching. This operation, present in most of the removable sets, requires:

A broaching machine must be available.

The broach itself is an expensive tool due to its complexity(see our broaching section).

Expect a delivery time of more than 3 months to receive the tool.

The usual long time periods of delivery of the broach interferes with the manufacturing cycle. As a consequence, and in many cases, when performing broaching operation, companies are forced to sub-contract to an external company.

In conclusion, the proccess of sub-contracting with external companies is burden some and cost-intensive. For those cases, patented REV BROACHING TOOL is your solution!!

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REV BROACHING the system without a broaching machine, only with a lathe, CNC machining center or a slotting machine!

All kind of keyways!, and when they are important in making tapered holes of attention and this unbeaten system!

External and internal splines and serrations! According DIN, SAE, or others Standards

Gears, special operations

Rectangular and polygonal cubes.

Anothers works according drawing.

We recommend, for better understanding:

Check out the catalog , shown below.

Watch the videos showed in the Rev Website (available in differentes Languages).

You can calculate the processing time, through REV BROACHING TOOL application online by clicking here

For CNC machines, it is possible to resquet the machine´s program for the customer specific application.

Do you have broaching problems? Rev Broaching Tool System is the solution!!

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