Our represented companies, SPLINE GAUGES and MITSUBISHI , are world leaders in the manufacture of Master Gears. SPLINE GAUGES is one of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of gauges for splined, keyways, threads, etc. We supply products to customers such as JOHN DEERE or SEAT . Automotive, competition, energy, aviation, are the branches in which we operate. Thanks to ESTEIRE, SL, product quality is guaranteed.

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Some examples where this ESTEIRE, S.L. is present, supplying SPLINE GAUGES and MITSUBISHI Spline Gauges and Master Gears.

Suppliers of General Motors, Citroen, VW Group, DANA, GKN, among others.
Present in the control and verification of gear and grooved, both aircraft such as aerospace crafts.
Providers of  Red Bull, Renault and Mercedes Benz Formula 1 teams!

Control gears, shafts, transmission gearboxes of wind turbines, are in many companies in the sector controlled by Master Gears that we represented in Spain.

In reference to this products, please take a look at the PDF file below (Spanish only):

As a complement to our customers, and though not specific products of our client, we also supply:

NTP Taper Plug and Ring Gauges

Thread Gauges

Thread Caliper, Tri-Roll thread comparator